Join us in this inaugural episode of Trailblazin’ Bosses as your host, Veranda Adkins, takes center stage to share her own inspiring journey through the world of entrepreneurship. As a 22-year travel industry veteran, successful entrepreneur, and influential business coach, Veranda left corporate America in 2014 to blaze a trail with the launch of Travel Legacy, a celebrated travel agency.

In this episode, Veranda opens up about the unique challenges she faced, the strategies that propelled her business to success, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. From the corporate world to the founding of the Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP), Veranda’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and determination.

Discover the personal and professional aspects of Veranda’s entrepreneurial path, gaining insights into the mindset that drives her success. Join us for a candid conversation that sets the stage for the incredible stories and wisdom that Trailblazin’ Bosses has in store.

Executive Producer: Veranda Adkins
Contributing Producer/Editor: Chuck Holliday
Contributing Producer: Nicole Blake-Baxter



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