Becoming MADE

Becoming MADE is a Docuseries giving viewers an inside look at the life of Award Winning Television Producer Chuck Holliday. After purchasing a popular Chicago-based Candle line with a troubled financial history, lots of questions remain. With a new vision for the company, the New York City native has to win over longtime Chicago supporters of the Candle line, as well as store managers who were left financially strained by the line’s previous owner.
Chuck is aided by Fashion Model Renee Rodrigues (with whom he shares a complicated history), Realtor Jordan Fuller, and attorney TaJana Lyons as part of his new team.

Executive Producers: TaJana Lyons, Megan Freeman
Producers: Freedom Aviles, Megan Freeman, Carly Taylor
Theme Song: “Out the Bleu” by MAAD*Moiselle
Music Supervisor: Julius F, Chuck Holliday

Episode Guide

Episode 1 (E101) – No Second City Saint

Chuck signs a contract to appear at Taste of Chicago as a vendor, but it comes with a bounty price; Renee and Jordan deliver a complicated candle order to a store; Chuck gets into a shouting match with the Deputy Mayor while on a date.

Featured Song: “Too Good to Last” by Kandace Springs
Special Performance by Kurt Elling

Episode 2 (E102) – Tenfold

A store owner uses a racial slur discussing sales metrics with Chuck; Jordan and his boyfriend visit BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir; Chuck criticizes a market fair organizer over ethics during a television interview.

Featured Song: “Southern Freeez” by Sonzeira

Episode 3 (E103) – Nobody’s Favorite

Renee runs into her ex-boyfriend at a Soccer press conference; Chuck is intentionally shoved by a friend of his ex-girlfriend during a colleague’s launch event in Charlotte; Renee fears visiting Charlotte after learning of Chuck’s ex-girlfriend and his insistence on ignoring her ongoing antics.

Featured Song: “Brain” by Banks
Guest Appearance by Justin Morrow

Episode 4 (E104) – Body Language

Tempers flare as Renee and Chuck disagree over the table setup at a vending event; Jordan organizes a Realtor’s meetup that ends on a sour note; Chuck and Renee resolve their issues while on a double date with an older couple.

Featured Song: “For Life” by Medsound

Episode 5 (E105) – Calling All Alouettes

Chuck battles eye allergies during a business trip to Montreal; Renee joins Chuck in Montreal, where she saves a deal by speaking fluent French; TaJana argues with a store owner over the candle line’s placement.

Featured Song: “Sonophonic” by The Conjuration

Episode 6 (E106) – Out of Sight, Out of Debt

Chuck reveals a milestone for the candle line; Renee begins scouting home goods stores for potential new store partnerships; Chuck is heckled by a group of women about his dating history while vending in Charlotte; a local newspaper publishes a scathing story about the candle line, angering TaJana.

Featured Song: “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack

Episode 7 (E107) – Novocaine Heart

Renee expresses her feelings to Chuck, who is too distracted by a last minute retail deal to respond; TaJana pressures Chuck to file a restraining order in Charlotte as a way to make Renee feel safe in the city; a store owner requests an unrealistic amount of candles with a 48 hour turnaround; Chuck has lunch with Renee’s ex-boyfriend.

Featured Song: “Try and You Try” by Cleo Sol
Guest Appearance by Justin Morrow

Episode 8 (E108) – Can’t Turn Around

Chuck is annoyed with the lack of preparation from organizers during a workshop residency in Upstate New York; Renee and Jordan run into problems vending at a market fair after Chuck’s criticism of the organizer during a television interview resurfaces.

Featured Song: “Night Rain” by Crazy P

Episode 9 (E109) – Love Speakeasy

A newly elected Alderman accidentally introduces Chuck and Renee as a married couple during a fundraiser, causing awkwardness between the two; TaJana and Jordan have an intense discussion over religion; Chuck apologies to Renee over being distracted by a retail deal during an emotional conversation.

Featured Song: “Butterfly” by Gretchen Parlato

Episode 10 (E110) – The End Game

Chuck and Renee make a major decision about their future that shocks friends and family; Jordan sets up his second condo as an alternate production workplace for Chuck to make candles while in Chicago.

Featured Songs: “Thandolwethu” by Mafikizolo, “Wela” by Sy Ntuli