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Episode 1: First Love & Suitcase reveals a little background about the songs, the lyrics, and what they mean to Keeyen Martin as an artist.

Keeyen Martin & Ralph Edward/REd Brand presents “KM:PIECES”, a collective work and presentation of the pieces of his life that bring Peace to him as an artist.

KM LUVSPERATION, Explores the loves and inspirations of what has truly made Keeyen Martin become the artist “Keeyen Martin”.

Laugh Loud Loud, proves that laughter is feel good, like the music of Keeyen Martin. This episode dives into the multiple personas and fun side to Keeyen and welcomes you into his world of make believe… LOL (Season 3)

Live, Love & Learn, shows how Keeyen found himself through his voice and teaching others to Live Life, Love Yourself, and Learn Everyday. (Episode 2)

Who is Keeyen Martin? #DivesN2 the story behind “Keeyen Martin” the person, and his “Pieces”, what makes him who he is and what his fans have to expect in the near future. (Episode 1)

NOTE: Suggestive Language & Subject Matter Maya and the girls grill porn star/rapper Brian Pumper on his favorite nationalities, positions,…

The battle-based rapper talks his last opponent, converting into recorded music, and being praised by many of today’s commercial rappers.